05 December 2009

So just to recap after a long pause.

I do this. I Blog like a maniac at times, and then go off it. Partially 'coz of moments where I feel like what is in fact left of me if it can all be read online, partially laziness, and partially those odd limbos between one chapter and the next of one's life, where there really just is alot to be done, and not all of it very interesting.
But a recap is in order, at any rate.
So some people do sudoku to relax, I study. This and that. For the past while it has of course been german, and it's astounding how much it assuages my obsessive nature, and what a relief that is. It's So straightforward. Unlike drawings, with language studies there is a right and wrong, there is an end to each exercise, and my investment in such things is more casual (inasmuch as anything I do in my life is casual.) It's like little happy smoke breaks from my tedious over-thinking in english, and from creative procreation (so to speak).

Other than that I've been designing Broken Pencil magazine, working at the Castle and marvelling at its infinity and ineptitudes, getting grants applications in, contending with kipple on a massive scale, and finally (FINALLY) putting together a design website. There are plans in the works. For my life. Not entirely reasonable perhaps, but OH SO AWESOME, but isn't that just in keeping with me? Here's hoping.

I've been drawing of course too, notably a new illustration out in the latest issue of Brick Literary Journal, an album cover for Fenja, an amazing singer/band out of Hamburg, and illustrations for a kids/young adult book by Ibi Kaslik.

I started life drawing again too. Yow. Humbling.
You never get to a point where you Know how to draw.
It's just Too Vast.
Like Love really.

But even writing this is leaving that "my blog is lame" taste in my brain. Meh. I'll get back to it when there's something amusing to recount. But there it is for right now.

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may the blessing be with you.........................................