29 July 2009

I miss you Shannon Gerard!

Just thought I'd write it as I was thinking it.
Dear Friends. Love 'em!

I know this isn't about Berlin

But this still makes me Happy.

Happy like biking to Charlottenberg in the morning, which is like attending a daily critical Mass. Like Erfrischungs Stübchen, this german candy that I had as a kid and thought had disappeared from the face of the earth and then found in a Spätverkauf completely by accident. Like speaking germlish extraordinarily well. Like an Obscene selection of Michael Sowa postcards. Like saying mundane things to strangers in a foreign language. Like visiting friends of 15 years ago who now live in Oman and Dresden and Paris and What Are the Chances we would all see each other again. Like some strange resurrection of my relationship to drawing, due to something in the air (?). Like cobblestones. Like well-designed pencil sharpeners, that I get Far Too Excited about. Like East German scooters. Like a five-day sprint to Milan (because it's an hour away) to wander through a graveyard with a life-long Friend. Like Italian Gelato. Like hand-made pasta. Like....Like....THIS.

Let's face it; this is a weird thing to have done. My purpose is maybe somewhat ambiguous, and I'm trying very hard not to think that it is a fleeing from pre-June existence. But I would so much rather be in some debt over this than matching dishware or carpets. MUCH RATHER. I wandered around yesterday just thinking Yes, YES, YES. THIS is how one should live. These are the leaps one should take. Perhaps not everyone. But Sweet Christ, this is My Life. GLEEE!

18 July 2009

My life.

MY LIFE!!! In Milan now. New Manics in the background. Lifelong friend at table. Leaving anon to explore. MY LIFE!!!

14 July 2009


In here, that is, not caught up, work-wise.
The thing about working from the other end of the world is that distractions are much easier to come by.
Whilst inputting changes to BP, I uploaded some photos. I think they can, to some extent, speak for themselves, bless them.

Check out Berlin: Part 1 here.
And Dresden here.

And now back to work.

09 July 2009

Yeah, I know.

I have the blog. But I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN.
Two and a half month cultural orgasm. I'll ponder it for the evening and get back to this.
HAPPY. So. Happy.

01 July 2009

You give me

10 hours in a new city with a bicycle, and I will give you a girl who Knows How To Get Around (with but a few occasional hesitations). This place is some kind of velocipedial Heaven. In fact, this place is Just Heaven. Full Stop. Tattooed men, bike lanes, old buildings, graffitti everywhere, Flöhmarkts, etc etc. YES YES YES.