24 September 2008

Don't give me E-balls. Even if they are german.

The germans, we have discovered in times-gone-by of gratuitous procrastination at the Brick office, have a great affection for Little Britain. Or so says youtube, anyhow. And why, by gum, wouldn't they. It's bloody fantastic.
Though today, after using the expression Don't give me E-balls! in an email, the proverbial procrastinatory gauntlet was thrown down: E-balls in german. Translated. If i'm so clever as I seem to think.
I confess, I had to approach the dear old Langenschiedt on this one. But find the answer I did.
E-Hoden. Pronounced Eh-H-oh-den.
Literal translation: “E-testicles”
I’m a bloody great Genius. Hallo, Mein Name ist Stefanie, ich bin aus Kanada, ich spreche Englisch, Franzozisch, und ein bisschen Deutsch.
Ja, aber nein, aber ja, aber nein, WAS FUR ANSEHST DU MIR? GIBT MIR NICHTS E-HODEN!

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