31 March 2009

Ironic, and in keeping with today's theme.

Here i am, all "people should talk about themselves" and "navel-gazing is great"... I have just now been inadvertently reminded of proof that perhaps my thinking is flawed, in this respect.
I was asked out on a date of sorts a while back. It was a fairly lovely evening, if you discount the facts that said gentlemen left his cell-phone on and actually answered it three times over the course of 4 or so hours, stated on two separate occasions that this convening of ours was one of three events he was expected at for the evening, and managed to tell me oh so nonchalantly that one of his books had been reviewed (or something) for the New York Times.
We ended up at some point back at my little home regardless (these are tough times, dear reader(s)), where said gentleman told me about his latest novella, and when I responded that it sounded very interesting, he said "you should read it, I have it right here!", took a USB key out of his pocket (yes a USB key) and saved said novella onto my desktop. 
Two days later he emailed me asking if I had read it yet, as well as forwarding links to the latest additions to an online project he works on, and an interview he did with someone of great notoriety (or so he indicated) that I had otherwise never heard of.

This insistence on my attentions from a gentlemen who does not show up at book launches himself, and didn't even see his way to asking what I get up to when not AT other peoples' book launches.
Conclusion: navel-gazing=acceptable, but it should perhaps be acknowledged that it is the height of rudeness to carry your navel around on a USB key and presume other people are interested in looking at it, especially when you have no interest in looking at theirs yourself.

Also, judgement is inevitable. Let's face it, never date an artist. No, Really.

Now holy FUCK do I ever need to get back to some real work. Bloody blog.


RSS said...

Yeah, maybe it is like we navelgazers have to make sure we're interested in other people's navels, and not just in other people as potential recipients of our own navels. and, um, navelations. I hate people who don't like other people's navels. Who was this navelcentric fellow, anyway. And when are you going to text me so I can call you? xococo

p.s. i would just like to point out that my word verification word is EXTREMELY close to being dirty.

RSS said...

and navellas!

i love it.

p.s. word verification=mistanon. NICE.

stef lenk said...

Mistanon sounds like something out of the Lord of the Rings. The legendary place where people loll about all day eating grapes and bottling navel lint.
'Coz sometimes, even in Mistanon, it's all just lint!