11 June 2009

MoCCA comic arts festival: index

Days spent in New York: 5
Days at MoCCA festival: 2
Number of places stayed: 2

Number of books (of mine to sell) brought with: 49
Number of books given away: 4
Number of books sold: 45 (!!)

Number of books read during trip: 5 (1 novel ["The Angel Riots" completed; awesome]; 3 silent graphic novels [completed; also awesome, and fascinatingly incomprehensible in one case, which was most informative, given my own stuff; 2 interviews from an anthology [David Hockney's Camera Lucida theory about the Renaissance painters; FASCINATING]; excerpt from Coco's as yet untitled masterpiece.
Number of books purchased during trip: (ahem) 6
Number of them that were in an unfathomable scandinavian language: 3

Number of gin gimlets drunk on my first night in New York, at a gloriously elegant bar with my even more gloriously elegant cousin: 3
Nibbles on toes from a tenaciously cute cat named Bix during my first evening in NY: 2
Number of onlookers at the time: 2 (blue japanese fighting fish, named Chet and Josephine)
Number of natural phenomena experienced during the trip: 2 (one full moon on the Hudson river in a sailboat, one lightning storm at 20,000 ft flying towards Toronto at nighttime)

Number of art exhibits attended: 4 (two at the Moma, two at Jonathan Levine gallery in Chelsea)
Number of bookshops visited: 4 (St. Marks once; Jim Hanley's Universe once; Strand twice)
Number of blocks walked over the course of the visit: (approximate) 121 (probably more)
Number of times I yearned palpably for my bicycle: 6
Number of times I got to lose total control at the Whole Foods Market salad bar: 2

Number of nights in Brooklyn: 1
Number of excited woops (all silent) at the sight of the hem of David Byrne's garment during a free concert at Prospect Park: 3 
Number of bars visited afterwards: 2
Number of beers that evening: unremembered
Number of regrets: 0

Most importantly, I decided to bring Art with me to New York, and we are getting along rippingly well. We've decided on an open relationship for the moment, and the many savory characters who showed an interest in our work made for an unforetold resurrection of my enthusiasm for it all. A close life disaster, averted yet again, in the very death throes.  YES.

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