11 October 2008

Blue and blublu.

Well, I'm still unwell. It's making me the shade of this posting's title. I've had it with being energyless and morose. Although, as I am finally at the point where my resolve is gone, and I don't have energy for much more than movies and internet links and such, I suppose the life lesson (um, relax already!) stands in stark enough contrast to my usual demeanour; perhaps I'll learn a thing or two. Anyhow.
Someone I haven't spoken with in years emailed this link to me the other day, and I finally sat down to check it out in detail. IT.IS.SO.COOL. AWE.SOME.
It's ironic. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with the amount of stupidity and bad taste I see all around me on an average day. Other days I'm overwhelmed with how many people are doing stuff that's Too Amazing. 
It's a shame they rarely coincide, and the Too Cool stuff frequently seems to be far away and unaccessible. Or so I see it, anyhow.

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