28 October 2008

Given the nature of my previous posting

I will take this early morning to return to a more bloggy forray of sundry items.

Woke up at 5.30 this morning, (which I suppose is an improvement on yesterday's 5am rising, due to a dream ending with me opening my eyes in real life and trying to picture the view outside my window (which is right by my bed), and only coming up with the view outside the bedroom of the apartment I grew up in.)

I have, in the last week or so, aside from feverish drawing, battling ultimate evil in Dufferin Grove Park, frittering with the indie-eratii (sic) at Canzine, being dramatic as usual, eating cheese and reading the Economist, been migrating stuff to a nnnnniiooooooo computer. That's right. I have, after six long years, moved from the equivalent of a cardboard box into a digital palace. It is very exciting. Fieberhafterliche Aufgeregtheit, in fact. I no longer have to pedal to make my computer work, and my tea-drinking habits will obviously shift as well, now that I no longer have time to boil the kettle while files are opening and such.
One finds the most fascinating kipple at times like this though. Like this picture of a baby stingray, entitled "weeeeeeeee" (not by me), found obviously during some errant googling one day.

And then there are these, 'coz let's face it, nobody hates tiny bunnies.(Except serial killers.)

And just to round out the Too-Cute-For-Manson quota, there was this pic, of a tubby wee me, back when life seemed so much simpler.

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