09 October 2008

From Aberdeen to Anchorage

It's always an odd and unsettling moment for me when I have to acknowledge that I am just sick enough that everything actually has to slow down, that I'm just not functioning properly, and deadlines may have to shift; basically, that things aren't going precisely according to plan.
It's intensely depressing, truth be told. And that's been my last WEEK. What do i need to do, dammit, send out a petition? "Dear virus-of-unseeable-origin, cease and desist these activities immediately, under threat of a firm-talking-to and social duress from surrounding friends and colleagues."
Anyhow. Waking up this morning to two book orders from my etsy store was a small Thrilling palliative, and further realizing that one was from Anchorage Alaska, and the other from Aberdeen, Scotland (!!!) was Beyond Awesome.
Every so often one needs evidence that the world keeps you in it, even when you are hiding in your house, dragging yourself desperately from task to task. SUPREME.

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