17 November 2008

And on the topic of books: TEATIME 2; the launch at last.

I have finished it. The sequel/completion of TeaTime. I have sent it to the printers, looked at a proof, and am going in tomorrow morning to give press approval. And despite the hair-pulling frustration that some of those bloody pages gave me, I have to say, I'm excited. After a couple of hard months on a few fronts, things are LOOKING UP.
Which brings me to the launch.
On Wednesday the 3rd December I will be having a launch to set this little whim out into the world, generously (most most MOST generously) co-hosted by Brick Literary Journal, who will concurrently be launching issue 82 of their revered publication (and also the last issue that I have had any hand in making...sniffle)
Doors at 7.30.

• There will be readings by Michael Helm and other significant personages that I can't remember at the moment, although many of those significant personages that edit dear Brick will be present for you to gawk at, should you be that way inclined. Actually it will be a lovely assortment of people, given the crowd that read Brick and, well, the crowd that know of my little books.
• There will also be clever lessons in paper-cutting (thank you, ghost of H.C.Andersen)
• And there will be...erm...my little book. For sale. Crying out for attention, and perchance offering some visual edification for those who give in.

Really I just want to get drunk with my friends and anyone else who might have a fondness for silent sequential drawing and literary journals too, so won't you please come out, if you know me, know my books, live in Toronto or are simply a functional and socially adept human being looking for something to do on the evening of the 3rd?
And won't you also look at page 81 of Brick and tell me how lovely it is too?


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