24 November 2008


It's an endless struggle. In dealing with the Stuart Little incident now a few weeks past, I took the opportunity to oust all kipple from a closet and another little cranny that has become repository for all manner of junk. 
The worst habit comes out of environmental concern, believe it or not. I somehow acquire such things as I do not want to put in our landfills, and so hang on to them thinking, "at some point that will be useful".

Like this:

Sealed air.

I'm not sure who was kind enough to give this to me, but three bags of it were found. As my friend jrbi pointed out it might well be worth keeping. When armaggedon hits and the oxygen supply dries up, I'll be three breaths ahead of everyone. So as people die all around me, I can pull out my sealed air and live smug in the knowledge that I survived three breaths past civilization.
Be prepared, they said in Girl Guides. Always be prepared.

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