17 November 2008

Brick 82.

I received my copy of Brick today, Blessed Brick, with Hans Christian Andersen papercuts on the front, a wealth of literary brilliance inside. And I thumbed through it, and tried not to feel sad and nostalgic and like it looks much better than when I was at production's helm (Damn you, MB!)...and then I got to the end and there in a 1/4 page corner of the ads section was this photo, (which, Vain as it is, is one of my Favourite photos on earth, that blessed linotype)

with the words "here's to stef lenk, master of hyperbole" beneath it.
I felt like I had won a bloody oscar. I really did. It was SO awesome. SO.SO.AWESOME. It was the best thing in Forever. I swear to God.

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