01 November 2008

Halloween antics

About half way through yesterday I decided that going out for Halloween really was becoming a necessary endeavour. But I had nary a costume. My first thought was to go as a schizophrenic, but didn't know if any apparatus I could think up could hold an extra head of mine, even if it was just a photo depiction. So I settled in the end on anthrax, which seemed ironically fitting for a Halloween costume, given the antics of the year. 

Not bad for a half-hour's work about 10 minutes before I ventured out for the evening.
I had a small salt shaker filled with anonymous white toxin, that smelled only slightly like baby powder. The funniest ("funniest") moment of the evening was when I was approached by a man dressed as a postman, who offered me a letter. I opened it up; written on the paper were the words "everyone needs a bosom for a pillow". 
Yes, thank you Cornershop, no truer words were ever spoken.

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