02 December 2008

I remember that website way back when...

So I was updating my website this evening, particularly the illustration page, when something made me think of a website I was told about some time back, a kind of internet time machine that archives old websites. I was feeling procrastinatory and so googled away, found it, and with wouldn't ya know it, some internet-robot somewhere has decided to archive steflenk.com, from 2002 until 2007. 

I should explain that I taught myself (rather rudimentarily) to build websites, back in 2002, with HTML coding for Dummies or some such animal. I clearly remember calling my then-roommate up out of bed at some unmentionable hour into my room to look at my first successful web page, a red background with the word hello on it, which, when clicked on, linked to another red page that said "how are you" or something profound like that. And BOY i was proud. That bloody working link took me at least 8 hours to succeed at.

This page from 2002 is exceedingly embarrassing, but was one of my very first gos at building a website. And while the design is abominable, it was rather amusing to find this little cache of long-ago-almost-forgotten mail art, that I somehow thought so important at the time.

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