02 December 2008


I am about as ignorant of politics as it can get, and yet, since the last election, followed by the US election, I have been newly obsessed with it. This intrigues me. Why the sudden interest, I wonder, when my newsless bubble has seemed so adequate for so long. 
But as opposed to previous times, when the news seemed to just report more and more stupidity and atrocity, the daily NYT Obama updates are some of the scariest and yet most positive news I've encountered in the world of news. The problems are real (real, Real) but FINALLY someone is in office who seems reasonable, intelligent, and ready to work with others to solve them. 
Let's face it, it's the biggest bloody mess in known history, but imagine watching Bush were he to be confronted with these issues before even taking office. CHRIST. Reading the news has actually become interesting, instead of cause for further nausea and disgust with american ideology and politics in general.
However. More importantly right now, THIS.
Coalition government. Holy fuck is it possible everyone is following suit and smartening up at a federal level?
Here also is the link for the petition, should you wish to forgo the relevant facts in the link above. Sign this. Really.

Anyhow. Enough political soapbox. Weird. What is this posting, anyhow. WEIRD.


Parzifal Odinson said...

I thought as Canadians we already voted.
The conservatives won, the liberals were voted down by 75% of voters and the Ndp....well lets be serious.

The democratic vote has already spoken.

This coalition is just dirty tricks by the left.

They couldent win fairly so lacking the democratic vote they jump in bed with the sepritistas "who are ANTI Canada" to go against the will of the people.

Like it or not the people elected the Harper conservatives,

The vote is what defines democracy, when the vote means nothing neither does our democracy.
My 2 cents

Cheers Ms lenk

stef lenk said...

If you have a chance, click on the link in my post. In case you don't, here are the numbers, provided by that link, which even I was not aware of.
Only 59% of eligible voters cast ballots.
The Conservatives won 143 seats.
Over 60% of voters in face voted for parties with progressive platforms (read: not the conservatives) but these votes were divided, amongst the NDPs, Liberals, Greens, etc.
They would in fact have 165 seats, IF they were not divided into different parties, if their votes had been combined.

So. The above are the numbers of the "democratic vote". I have heard these numbers in more than one place. However, if these numbers are incorrect, then I will withdraw all of these comments, gladly. I am by no means well educated in Canadian politics, nor do I intend to be, I'm just an average person living here.

But there are problems, and Harper is NOT the will of the people. If this was the will of the people there wouldn't be this demand for coalition government in the first place.

Here's the link if you missed it in the posting.

I'm not educated enough to debate it (nor do I want to), but from what I do know, parties working together for a change will be a very good thing.

Parzifal Odinson said...

I think most Canadians are fairly ashamed and angry with the coalition leaders,
I am not a libral or ndp supporter but living in the city almost all my co workers and friends are, most of them are not pleased with the stalinist tatics of the coalition.

The conservatives did win the vote that alone is undisputeable.

The sepratistas "bloq" have no right to be involved in federal politics as their main platform is to shatter our country.

I dont want to get into a big debate either....
I just read your post and tossed my 2 cents there.

I dont see how this coalition has ANY validity as none of these partys were voted into leadership, none even close.

I think its a scary series of events and nothing to be happy with, when the popular vote ceases to mean a thing then whats our democracy worth??

And when our democracy means nothing then we cease to be free.

We can candy coat it any way we want...but the fact is the conservatives won the popular vote,
The Canadian voter who voted against the conservatives did NOT vote coalition with the Bloq.

And b.t.w the conservatives have a VERY foward thinking policy with its focus on personal responsibility and true liberty,

opposed to the left wings focus on nanny state politics and hand outs funded by tax payers dollars.

Anyhow pardon me going all pro politico on ya...

All this stuff has me afraid of a David miller type federal government ,
where the law abiding are criminals and criminals are victims of circumstance, the vote means nothing and libralism and ndp policys are enforced by a tyranny not supported by the popular vote.

You seem like a charming woman, Im sorry for bothering your otherwise fun blog here.

Dont believe the hype!!


stef lenk said...

Thanks for your thoughts.
My impetus with this posting in the first place was to introduce people to the numbers exhibited in the youTube video link. I find them very telling. If it doesn't interest you to watch it, then you don't have to.
I couldn't have a political debate if i tried, and frankly, I have more amusing things to do in this venue anyhow then watch myself stumble through one.
Onwards with the blog!