13 December 2008

Which brings me to a gratuitous posting about cookies.

Before my life as a fruite creme addict (which has in fact passed, until this evening when I saw Shan's crocheted ones at City of Craft, was my life as a Girl Guide. And a discussion of Girl Guide cookies at City of Craft today brought up what discussions of Girl Guide cookies always bring up, my memory of dressing up like a giant Girl Guide cookie for a rally at what was once Maple Leaf Gardens, when I was, like, 10. 
There were a couple of hundred of us, and there was some sort of performance where we all had to run out from the different entrances onto the hockey rink or whatever it was, and circle around one special bit of work who got to be the dreaming Girl Guide in a gigantic bed.

I was pretty jealous of that girl who got to be the dreamer in the giant bed in the spotlight in the middle of the Maple Leaf Gardens hockey rink when I was ten. 
In fact, I think if i think hard enough, I still harbour resentment, despite the fact that I got to be a giant chocolate Girl Guide cookie.

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