20 December 2008

Of Winter and jackets and boots, oh my!

Winter. Winter. WINTER!!

I have, today, purchased, with the help of an expert (my mum, who has finally figured out the trick to getting me to go shopping with her, (she navigates me through the darkest of consumerist vortices in under 2 minutes per shop, and pulls me out into the outside world for tea the minute I start getting aggro, which is like, every 15 minutes) )
...where was I....a NEW winter jacket. Like, new from a New store, a store that sells New Things, untested by time, tempests, and smelly people. No second-hand this time, tigers, it's a NEW winter jacket.
AND new winter boots. NO.JOKE. 
This is my first NEW winter clothing in must be 10 years. (Winter specific, that is, I have of course bought new boots as the need arose, one must never be without a good pair of docs.)

The aforementioned fact is so tragic and lame and makes the most pathetic statement about my priorities in life, I know, but now it's all SO EXCITING, all at the same time.

And Blessed Blessed SNOOOOWWWWWW!!

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