12 February 2009

I have a Very Interesting Life.

In 2006, I went to Coney Island for the first time, and got completely obsessed with photo reference there, as it was the most carnivalesque of carnivalescent places I had hitherto been to. I took 191 photos, and I decided I must be a Loon, as I would likely never need said reference, and couldn't possibly finish that many drawings in a lifetime.
TODAY, I was searching through my picture reference library, for reference, and found Absolutely What I Was Looking For. The Perfect Picture. In this very sub-file.
I am not going to post said Perfect Picture (because I'm drawing from it, you wingnut), but I am going to post these, 'coz they are interesting and cool. 
As am I. 
Interesting and cool.

Don't shoot me.

Birds (well, Oscars) of a feather:

(I Love the Brighton Pier the very most in the entire world. 
The Coney Island pier was, however, an admirable runner-up.)

With its well-aged inhabitants.

I am So tempted to preface the next photo with a great big WTF. 
If I were a person who used green dancing banana emoticons and the like, I would preface the following photo with a Great Big W.T.F. 
IF i was that sort of person.
But I'm interesting and cool.

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