04 February 2009

Today, working from home.

Blessed home. No monitors, no networks, no petulant directors or writers or researchers or me, no mailbot.
Am also being reminded of how much I love design, and type, and such. LOVE IT.
However, feeling a strange absence from news, seeing as I've been wallowing in such a surfeit of late. So here is some. This picture was stolen (STOLEN) from a special resource (SPECIAL RESOURCE) at work yesterday, of the most ambitious boy scount in the world. Copy:
Andrew Schigelone, 18, of Lincoln Park shows some of the 121 merit badges he earned between February 2002 and December 2008 during a photo shoot in Detroit on Friday, Jan. 23, 2009. Schigelone is an Eagle Scout and a senior at Gabriel Richard High School. Rick Williamson heads the 4,700-member Detroit Area Council of Boy Scouts of America and says no one has earned all 121 badges since its 1910 founding.

I want to find him and marry him.
Sorry, to be clear, I want stop time and then find him, 18 years from now, and marry him. Well, perhaps make sure that he can grow facial hair. Maybe rough him up a bit. Nothing a few bottles of scotch can't help. At least lose the cravat. But the merit badges can stay, by gum.

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