18 February 2009

Rapunzel's Dilemna

(don't like it any more: have taken it down. Back to the proverbial drawing board)

One of my favourite paintings ever is a painting that Dali did of his wife Gala's back. That's all it is. Nothing's melting, there are no weird creatures, no surreal landscape...it's him staring at his wife's back (or so one assumes, as he is not in the canvas) while she looks off into the distance. I find it utterly captivating. 
And he was another one, this Dali, who was excruciatingly accurate in his rendering skill, at some point, and then got on with it.
The above from the Fairy Tales series, with a modest attempt to render a simple back myself.
I'm trying to take a few more process photos of drawings these days, but it never seems to work. There's no "half-way done". This is 3/4 done (well, maybe 2/3 done); I guess that will serve. 
I will likely destroy it when I add colour, as with the rest, so you saw it here last, folks. (The original is bigger, so all the lovely white space got cropped out in the scan, and I had to scan it in two pieces even, so hence the blurry middle.)

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