07 February 2009

In yesterday's news.

Nothing but bad. Couldn't selvage a bloody thing. Cases in point:
Fifty pupils in a school in Wiltshire have been suspended for going on strike to play in the snow.WHY?!?!? WHY suspended?!? How often does England get Snow, fer Gods'sakes?

The teenagers, from Nova Hreod school in Swindon, refused to leave the playing field after their morning break on Wednesday. They have been suspended until Monday. Julie Tridgell, the school's headteacher, said she was forced to take a tough response because the strike's ringleaders were encouraging others to miss class to play. It was just a poor excuse for bad behaviour, she said.

(I wonder what Miz Tridgell would say if she knew 35 year old canadian women play in snow when they should be doing sundry administrative tasks on a daily basis.)

A "phantom goat" is seen after it was captured Thursday, Feb. 5, 2009 in Paterson, N.J. by an animal control officer. The animal had eluded capture for 12 days, causing dozens of people to call 911 with goat sightings along the north Jersey city's riverbanks.

( Since WHEN is ambling along a city riverbank a crime?!?)

Closer to home, one stef lenk, 35, from Toronto, Ontario, occasionally employed for large companies that couldn't give a shit, was in a superlatively bad mood. Unanswered calls from Canadian Geographic for an invoice now 2.5 months overdue (illustration ALREADY PUBLISHED) reached 3. Her last (next) week's work at the CeeBeeCee was cancelled without any notice, much to the pending chagrin of her bank account. 
It seems that lenk only got news of this cancellation last night around 8pm, when a co-worker came to deposit his pencil box behind her monitor, stating that he would be resuming his post there come Monday. 
She said "Mais au contraire, monsieur! I have one more week!" but was then proven wrong with a quick gander at the schedules by the photocopier. 
Watching said news with its never-ending tally of the downward economic spiral and pending employment doom for most all citizenry of our country did not help.
While the above forecast will perhaps bode well for lenk in the drawing department, heavy skepticism and a hibernatory nature are coming in from the east, putting into effect well-worn cynicism and an inability to concentrate. Stay tuned for more on this as the month of February progresses.

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