12 February 2009

my love was like a dead dead rose.

I have this new years resolution to try to get rid of things with the same frequency as I seem to acquire them. (I define "things" as anything from groceries to scraps of paper with random thoughts on them to rough drafts of drawings I can't bear to throw out, to movie ticket stubs, which I also can't bear to throw out)
Today's chosen offal was one dead rose, tied up in string. 
Yes. It does sound like the saddest thing to toss out a rose, until you know that the rose was in fact given to me dead (not dried, just dead). 
At the time I didn't (want to?) notice this and put it in water in an empty wine bottle, and less than 20 minutes later as we all sat around talking, the petals started to drop off onto the table, one after the other, in rapid succession. Feeling slightly embarrassed (I had been very excited to receive said rose), I exclaimed "That will never do!" and tied string around it to keep the petals intact.
And then, a few months later, I finally got it.

Throwing out said flower was not the challenge, it was tracking down all the petally shards that had broken up and scattered throughout my box of paper nostalgia distinctly annoying.


RSS said...

oh dear. i remember that rose. and I've seldom loved you more than when you tied the petals on. i'd be sad except i'm sure you're right and this is the best way to clear space for a new rose. a living one. love coco

p.s. "excoase"! i love word verification!

stef lenk said...

(wry chuckle)
Yes, it was one of my rare and poignant moments.