28 April 2009

And the answer

to the question of the stalled elevator, would be to give Rachmaninov the shotgun, were it to come to it.
Of course, of the two of them, Rachmaninov would not use the gun.
Which is the reason why the world keeps turning and people keep getting hurt.

(I am aware of course, that I am making a brash generalization about Rachmaninov based on his music, which is Also potentially bullshit, so really, there's just no answer to who's good and who's evil, is there.)


clicclic said...

I wonder if we could give Rachmaninov a water gun, filled with a particularly noxious & indelible colour of ink. Bush would stumble from the elevator looking like a Jackson Pollock, and the bottles of ink would be presented to the public as 'For the Marking of Those Who Must Be Shunned for the Good of All Life Kind'... to qualify to carry one of said water pistols you must be dead and have proven, over the completed course of a lifetime, to not be a bastard.

stef lenk said...

Yup. But what survey could possibly efficiently/effectively prove this factor? Is there some sort of machine people could walk through before being allowed on elevators with other human beings in the first place?