10 April 2009

Boring details about my eating habits, followed by the revelatory nature of High Park and the humble tomato.

So I've started this diet. 
I would like to preface my posting on this with the Fervent conviction that I think diets in general are FUCKING RIDICULOUS. The idea of denying onesself food of any sort at any time is torturous anathema to me, and contrary to life itself. 
This is a brash generalization, true. There is stuff you really just don't put into your body on a regular basis if you have an ounce of logic to you, and people also have a tonne of different reasons/concerns with their food consumption or lack thereof. I also appreciate we have obesity in the world, and related problems, but I'm quite sure this is a problem of inactivity, not of consumption. 
Whatever. I try not to judge. I Do, however, judge self-torture. Harshly. No No No. I want to go out having had as much ice cream and french fries as spinach salad and green beans, and happily so.

Pourquoi, then, dear reader(s), pourquoi, you may ask, am I even entertaining this outrageous D word in my life, much less in my blog?

Well, it's a new (hopefully tiny) chapter in my ongoing experiments to find out why I'm such an over-energetic and constantly anxious Nutter. The latest theory is that I may have an allergy to certain foods and my body is in permanent panic mode having delayed reactions to them. So far I've seeked (sook?) four opinions and three of four say it's a possibility, one of them being my mum, who said my father claimed a severe allergy to gluten and wheat which caused much histrionics and anxiety. 
So for 21 days in gustatory hell eliminating practically everything good, I may find out a thing or two about the effect certain foods (read: everything) have on my body. In short, no cheese, no dairy, no caffeine, no alcohol, no sugar, no chocolate, and, worst of all, no tomatoes. For 21 days. And then re-introduce them, see what happens, etc. etc.

And, dear reader(s), I will give it a Try, whatever I may think about it. 
The crucial thing, I feel (as with everything) is Not To Judge Before Trying.

Enough boring details about eating and food and such. Dear reader(s), you really are most tolerant. NOW ONTO THE TOMATOES.

So I went for a walk in the park with my good friend jrbi today and was lamenting over the imminent lack of tomatoes in my life. He too was reserving judgement on whether or not the whole D--- was going to meet with any success, but pointed out I may well learn a few other things about my psyche inadvertently, which could be cool.

For instance, he pointed out:
Here we are standing on a street corner talking and the only thing that is true at this moment is that you are not eating a tomato. If you were not presently forbidden from eating tomatoes, you wouldn't be thinking about your tomatoeless state two days from now at all, much less three weeks from now, but because you now have this restriction, the panic sets in. Really though, standing here not eating a tomato is not causing you much pain, and probably won't tomorrow, nor the day after that. THIS is the significant thing. The moment of understanding that it is all in your brain. This concern over tomatoes. And the future.

And he did, as he often does, have a Very Good Point.

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