07 April 2009

Shredded paper and empty sketchbooks and foreign countries.

I went to bed thinking about the photo of shredded magazines (below) and had the most lovely dream that I was stuck on Toronto Island for some reason and had to camp out in a bookshop that was floor to ceiling 360 degree books 'xcept for a little bunk much like the sort you'd find in a ship cabin, also covered in books. The lighting throughout the whole dream was (of course) the sort you would find on a stormy early evening by the ocean. So excellent!

As someone who would cut off my own toes before letting a paper shredder near my house, I remain fascinated to death by this photo. There's something so valiant about shredding so much paper, all of which held some sort of record of somethingthat was once significant on its surfaces. Photos, writing, whatever.

It's like leaving the country with just an empty sketchbook and a pencil in your bag.

I have just got news that I have an apartment sublet for Berlin this summer. And with both a subletter and an emergency backup subletter for my place here, and my passport in hand, ALL'S I NEED IS MY TICKET. YAHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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