22 April 2009


Since I don't have alot of it at the moment (ah, the life of a freelancer) i decided this morning to look up the term itself to see what I am in fact missing. The Oxford English Dictionary (1980; illustrated version) dedicates two-thirds of a page to this little word and its offshoots alone.

The following are selections from said definition:

- operation of a force in producing movement or other physical change
- something to do or to be done
- literary or musical composition, product of any fine art as statue, picture etc.; person's writings, compositions, paintings, etc as a whole
- internal mechanism, moving parts of piece of machinery
- Engage, be engaged, in bodily or mental work; make effort; be craftsman (in some material)
- Carry on, manage, control; have influence or effect, exercise influence on; bring about, effect, accomplish, produce as result.
- gradually become (tight, free, etc) by motion
- Knead, hammer, fashion, into shape or desired consistency; artificially and gradually excite (person) into (a rage, etc)
- bring gradually to efficient state; elaborate in description; advance gradually to (climax); excite, incite, stir up, arouse (to)
- stir up, make up (materials), compose, produce, construct; study (subject) carefully and in detail.

I Love work.
Everything should involve work.


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