17 April 2009


The thing about growing up with paper for friends is that it makes real life quite a bit more difficult. 

Paper allows you to see the entire story, all at once.

Paper doesn't move around or change. 

Even Paper's lies have been cemented in ink, so that they become the Truth. You can go back and reference Paper, and understand everything in context. 

Paper and intention are not the same thing. 

If you Follow the Instructions on a piece of Paper as you see them, you will reach the desired result. Rules can be rewritten on a piece of Paper, and every player has a chance to decide beforehand, in an unchangeable state.

And Paper will accept anything you offer it, and will wait patiently for your answer, and will not judge until you reach the end of the page, or the end of your sentence.

I couldn't decide before, really, but this photo above really is more accurate than this one. 

This Paper isn't abstract; it's not a concept: it's a thousand shredded people/Possibilities and one unopened instruction booklet. It makes me Sad.

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