20 April 2009

me and Art

After mental disputes that have been escalating for a few months now, me and Art (my art, specifically, that is) had it out at 4.30am this morning, and have agreed to a Trial Separation. And while I'm not convinced the separation is permanent, and it makes me extraordinarily sad, I do think the decision is at this point anyhow, a healthy one.
One reaches a point where one's partner must needs offer up either an explanation for its unwillingness to put out, or walk away, and Art has not been able to provide this adequately in the past few months. It is perpetually underemployed, and demands relentless nourishment. It speaks to me incessantly in muddled terms that are time-consuming to untangle, and taxing on my brain. 
Tho' I do tend to partner with fickle communicators, it is time for a New, simpler, less trouble-ridden epoch.
So as with life, so with Art.

This transition (which makes it quite certain that "The Fairy Tales" launch will unfortunately be delayed to late this year/possibly next), is assuaged by a few illustrations I have committed to an upcoming issue of Descant Literary Journal, as well as awesome author Ibi Kaslik, who has approached me about possibly illustrating a kids book for her. Though this is only in its preparatory/first draft stages, it's something I'm really excited about, and poses a great relief hitherto unforeseen with independent projects. So, Yay!

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