20 January 2009

Design vs. Creation.

There's designing something, and there's creating something, and people frequently seem to morph the two together, or expect the latter to be a free accessory to the former. I had never myself made this distinction before, but it has happened so so often, and there must be a way of kindly distinguishing the two?


RSS said...

I'm not sure I understand--can you explain to me, so I don't make this mistake?

stef lenk said...

Well, design is "here is some copy, and here is some text, won't you arrange this on a page in an appealing fashion". And, to be fair, we shall meet, and rearrange, and change, yes we shall, but what I am given is the material with which I shall work, give or take a few modified elements.

As far as I can gather there is another category that I run into ALOT, and that is "well I want it to be for this, and there should be some words saying so, I'm not quite sure what they are, and perhaps you could add THIS, to make it look like (a comic, an obituary, a New York Times' bestseller, my mum's recipe book) or perhaps something else but I'm not quite sure what, you wouldn't mind drawing a picture, would you? Just a small one. But can you draw it like Stan Lee, your style is a bit dark. Or perhaps a photo would be better, yes, you have a camera, non? You can just take a photo! And...oh actually...I've changed my mind, it really should be triple-folded origami as well, so can you make sure the words are all visible, what do you think? I want this (designed material) to end up on the walls of the Louvre!!!
And you can do it in ten hours, right? That's what you originally said it would cost.

Does this make sense?
(I don't think you've made this mistake, by the way. And other people I've worked for (since you're all reading this, I know. All of you.) should take note: this is an evaluation of many jobs I have NOT done, not ones I have.)

stef lenk said...

Sorry, I have to comment again, lest I be misunderstood. I quite ENJOY the creative miasmas mistaken often for design. I am the originator of many such triple-folded origami plans. And Christs' Toes if anyone ever saw preliminary plans for my own projects, they would burn me as a hypocrite of the highest degree.

But my concern is that there have to be boundaries, when it is paying work. At one of my jobs these days, I get requests for photoshop work which will take two hours minimum, and an entreaty to feed the image in two minutes. And am faced with people who GET ANGRY when I try to explain the problem with that. And these are not people who listen and negotiate accordingly, which is what I have become used to in previous jobs.

I posted this originally with this particular situation in mind. 'Coz I can only assume that people don't know. The same way *I* don't know what is involved in lines of work beyond my little tunnel-visioned world.