30 January 2009

How strangers can change your life.

In 1995, I (as I've probably gone on about at great length here somewhere) lived in the Albert hotel for about 8 months with an Unbelievable, Exemplary gang of people. One of them specifically proved a constant inspiration, who I felt I observed a bit from afar, as I cartwheeled through that year doing a great many drugs, eating a great many chocolate truffles, climbing a great many trees (and cleverly losing my passport for six months in the process), and reading a great many books. 
This person had come to London from Italy, to pursue an illustration career, clean and simple. And here she lived, amongst at least a dozen different sorts of english-speaking accents, on a shoestring budget minus the shoe, in these Less-Than-Satisfactory quarters with a cast of characters and daily dramas that would make Coronation Street look like a birthday party. And just quietly kept going. She put up tin foil stars, and painted on the walls of the basement, and is literally one of the inadvertent forces behind a few of my major life decisions. So inspiring. 
It's amazing how observing a near stranger can affect ones own decisions in a positive fashion. I don't notice this often in myself; I mostly come by my resolutions via force of deduction; that is, I look out at the world daily and say "nope, not doing that, nope, that's not for me." Etc. etc. 
To clarify: I see amazing people doing amazing things all the time, but predominantly their circumstance or style (so to speak) is quite different from mine and it's hard to make a possible corelation.

Yesterday, through another of this sublime group of friends, I was sent her website link, and I couldn't wait to verify, and I emailed to see if it was her, AND IT WAS!!! IT WAS.



Won't SOMEBODY tell me the proper etiquette for naming friends on blogs? Do I go back to numeric code names of three blogs ago? C'est quoi le repons?

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