04 January 2009

My personal idea of hip living.

Out with my most hippest friends the other night, where talk invariably turned to all manner of liberal behaviour in the realms of romance and/or doin' it. And, invariably, it was like "Yay, illicit encounters in public places" and "Yay, illicit encounters with as many hip people as you can in the name of hip young living", "Dude (refering to me, of course), you're SO straight", and "Yay, kissing someone else doesn't count as cheating".

Yeah. Yay.

How about, it's 2009, I'm not that hip, I'm Happy I'm not that hip, I am really straight, puritanically so, even, (despite being an avid supporter of non-straightness) and "Yay, let's keep it simple, date one person at a time, try to actually respect them as well as oneself in the process, and do it in a bed for a change." 
Let's face it, illicit encounters in public places was a kick, and fine for the hip-sex-resume-building bullshit of one's twenties. But it's always overrated, it's rarely that physically gratifying, and honestly, more often than not, it's more bother than it's worth.
So, with this posting, I hereby cast off my proverbial "hip" membership aspiration card in the name of good old monogamous, straight-up dating people, and simple old Doin' It. Like, at home Doin' It.

Here Here.

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