16 January 2009

Wind and the Willows, and Dear Old EH.

Today I decided to revisit this Amazing piece of Literature. My primary reason was to see if it was as glowingly warm and sweet and good as I remembered it (It was. In the best of ways. Perfect for January), and to ponder possibly illustrating a few choice portraits of Ratty, Mole and Toad, as part of my "draw cuter things" campaign.
An errant googling upon the completion of said book informed me that there is in fact an illustrated version by one EH Sheperd. Miracles will Never Ever cease, I thought, as I stared somewhat unimpressedly at my copy, whose illustrations are stiff and mundane, and no doubt by a man named Bruce, or some such nominal blight. 
Bless you EH Sheperd, BLESS YOU. (And your daughter Mary (yes, Mary), who illustrated the Mary Poppins books, of course.)
Although, like I need another reminder that my pencil-illary activities really are not adding anything significant to this planet.


RSS said...

I've been dreaming of England lately. Maybe we should go? I've decided, incidentally, to become clockmaker slash musicbox automata maker. Check out this website, and then the blog it links to, where you can see people living on the moors of England in a renovated horsebox making clocks. Then answer my questions about England.


I miss you and so I'm reading your blog. Isn't that sad?

p.s. And note again! Below! "Candope." The words just get better and better. There's a Darren Werschler Henry-esque software generating poetry in this... somewhere...

stef lenk said...

I have been dreaming of England CONSTANTLY. I'm too nostalgic for my own good. And tho' I do know it's rubbish, one gets to a point where one wonders if it matters, all of this idealizing. If I were to go there and continue idealizing, despite the reality facing me, wouldn't it still be more geographically apt?
I just don't know.