27 January 2009

Facebook status. Abgelenkt. A morning dialogue.

Stef abge-lenk-t. Constantly abgelenkt. So. Excellent.

SD at 09:50, on 27 January.

ASH at 09:54, on 27 January.
what SD said.

Stef Lenk at 09:55, on 27 January.
ABGELENKT: (well, abgelenkt werden) to be sidetracked. (as well as about a thousand other related side meanings in german) As i said. Perfect. I cannot take credit for making the connection though.*

Stef Lenk at 09:58, on 27 January.
It's all german dictionary and exercise books, (well, and drawing) this little corner of the world. All hail winter hibernatory activity!

ASH at 10:00, on 27 January.
OH of course!

SD at 10:04, on 27 January.
what ASH said.

ASH at 10:06, on 27 January.
What I said.

Stef Lenk at 10:17, on 27 January.
Harumph. What I said. I'm now going to abgelenk from these status comments. 'Coz it's in my very nature.

Stef Lenk at 10:17, on 27 January.
so there.

ASH at 10:17, on 27 January.
what you said.

SD at 10:23, on 27 January.
what they said.

JPR at 10:31, on 27 January.
What did I say?

EG at 10:37, on 27 January.
Ditto huh

Stef Lenk at 10:41, on 27 January.
LOOK. All I was saying, when all of this started...ABGELENKT. Perpetually abgelenkt. Thank you all.

SD at 10:44, on 27 January.
this thread is abgesteflenkting me.

Stef Lenk at 10:52, on 27 January.
YOU!!! I'll have you know I've been abstefgelenkt for 35 YEARS. It's a Tainted bloody life, my friend.

* I would like to credit B for initially pointing out the fortuitous german word, in the subject heading of an email. Would that my german was adept enough to have called it to mind!

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