27 January 2009


What was it...a week ago? A very old friend (as in, old-from-times-gone-by, not OLD, found me on facebook, at the same time as she found an old (again, see above) crowd of exemplary human beings I spent nearly a year in London/Europe with, like, 14 (!) years ago. The online reunion has filled me with GLEE. (Members' current geographic locations include Australia, Dresden, L├╝beck, South Africa, and some place I don't even know in the middle-east).

For one prone to rampant bouts of nostalgia, I have been literally agog with excitement. I was trying to remind myself today to stay focussed on artwork (as opposed to succumbing to said nostalgia, which can literally consume hours of my life), and reminding myself not to digress from choices I've made that have led me here, (travel-wise, work-wise, art-wise).
THEN, today, I received an order from South Africa for two of my books, from the aforementioned lovely friend (known here most affectionately as E), AND an email asking if I mightn't possibly want to do a show in Berlin this summer, from another member of the gang (I shall write B, oh the endless question of bloggy etiquette in naming people, but shall link to his website anyhow, as his artwork is friggin' amazing)

White the latter notion is only on very outer perimeters of possibility, it is nonetheless making me Lose.My.Mind with excitement. And, more likely and JUST as exciting is talk of a tiny reunion of a few selected of our gang this summer in Germany, and a pilgrimage to a fantastic museum in Hamburg: Helium Cowboy

And this, dear reader(s), reassured me in a way I haven't felt in such a very long time, that past and present and future really do, somehow, even in the smallest ways, and some of them very unexpected, work together. Love it.

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