14 January 2009

My job at the big red building

is often, alas, very mundane. And not often do I get to do something that requires large (or sometimes any) amounts of technical photoshop skill. Though today, I was asked to do a double cel, showing Obama in real life, proceeded by a depiction of him on the cover of a special edition Spider Man comic (which I want, by the way.) The idea was to get as close to an identical IRL picture of him as possible, so that the clever news techies could morph the second on top of the first as Mister Mansbridge informs the world of this history-making comic book.
The fact that I managed to to track down said close-to identical picture of him fills me with GLEE, (original pictured here, UNcropped)

and follow this by my genius photoshop work in building the photo out, etc, at breakneck speed (just LOOK at that cufflink. And extended suitage. LOOK AT IT! Okay, so it's not That extensive, but if you see one cel morphed into the other, it really does look rather impressive. No, really.) Anyhow, suffer me, won't you, my glimmering moment of Geeky Photoshop pride.

Not to mention one of the first moments of genuinely having FUN at my job, even though it is the news, so frequently a recipe for incumbent despair and loathing. (insert gratuitous moan here)

Whatever to Peter Mansbridge, just LOOK at those graphics.

(Oh, and for the illustrator who drew the cover, his ear is all wrong.)

(Just saying.)

(Oh, and for those of you wondering, Spidey is asking Obama: "Hey if you get to be on my cover, do I get to be on the dollar bill?")


update: Okay, so, looking at this again, it's hardly that exciting, photoshop-wise or image-wise. But it's Obama, so I forgive me. And it beats the lemon on wheels car I had to build later on that evening for an item on used vehicles.


joshbayer said...

My old teacher from comics college did that obama cover. i wont tell him that you say his ear sucks

stef lenk said...

You can tell him if you want. Even mainstream comic artists should have to know how to look, I think. And most of 'em don't know past the tits. (or in this case, past the ears)